Project 1

Office Interior Renovation - Redford, Michigan

Owner: Argo Property Management

Investor: Spider Investments - Miami, FL

Architect: Stephanie White, Sylvaleur Architecture

Interior Design: Andre Fajardo, NXT Design

Description: The building changed ownership mid-way through construction.  Sylvaleur's drawings helped reestablish the lapsed building permit.  The adjacent photos are representative of the work that had been done prior to Sylvaleur joining the team. 

Project 2

Event Barn - West Branch, Michigan

Owner: The Barn at Evergreen Farms

Architect: Tammis Donaldson, Ekocite Architecture

Construction Documents: Stephanie White, Sylvaleur Architecture

Structural Engineer: Tom Nehil, Nehil Sivak Structural Engineers


Description: Working barn turned event barn primarily for weddings. including moving the barn onto a new foundation.  

Project 3

Multi-Family Renovation - Detroit, Michigan

Investor: Spider Investments - Miami, Florida

Architect: Stephanie White, Sylvaleur Architecture

Partner: Nicole Kammo, Nicole Kammo Design

Structural Engineer: Thomas Mickus, Lopez Engineering

Description: This project included 2 buildings with a total of 10 units.  It was sold prior to construction and the project was abandoned.

Project 4

Multi-Family Renovation - Detroit, Michigan

Developer: Andrew Colom, Century Partners

Architect: Stephanie White, Sylvaleur Architecture

Description: 2 garden units turned into 1 unit with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in the basement of this old apartment building on the edge of Historic Boston Edison in Detroit.